how many ways can we say this?

Oh, social media. I love you like crazy. How else could we possibly hope to maintain relationships with the people we love on the other side of the globe? Despite the miles & oceans & time zones, we can see/read what you, our friends, are up to, and you can do the same with us.

But my goodness, the overwhelm.

I post a pic on Instagram, and it goes to Twitter and Facebook too. I blog about something, and you might see it on Facebook and also get an email. We have a Taviano Family in Cambodia Facebook page & this blog & our own blogs & all the other social media platforms you could want (or not).

And then there’s our “monthly” newsletter. We just finished #2. And we’ve only been here 7.5 months.

Sometimes this all feels so redundant. But, on the other hand, you want to reach as many loved ones as you can, and different media is better for different people. And different times are better. And some people like pictures & videos, while others actually read your 1100-word blog posts.

I sometimes write and write and post pics and post pics and then… stillness. Sometimes because I have nothing more to say or show. Sometimes because I have way too much. Sometimes because I’m just filled with joy and soaking up moments. Sometimes because the sadness feels too fragile to share.


We haven’t figured out exactly how to balance all the social media hullabaloo. Maybe we never will.

Bottom line: it is very important for us to share with you, stay connected with you, let us know we care & hear that you do too. But we NEVER want to turn this into an impersonal trying-to-get-people-to-pay-attention-to-us kind of thing.

We don’t want followers. We want friends. And family. And friends that feel like family.

Thank you SO much for being that for us. We love you.

One thought on “how many ways can we say this?

  • By Pam - Reply

    ❤️! ‘We want friends. And family. And friends that feel like family.’ Love this!

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