Mobile Sex Notes : “Hello, this will be Alexandra, I’m just 18. Who have always been we talking to?”

Mobile Sex Notes : “Hello, this will be Alexandra, I’m just 18. Who have always been we talking to?”

Chit chat– ego shots, input, questioning & responding properly don’t ask permission sincere match towards the caller to produce them feel well about on their own.

1) Your sound is actually sexy, smooth and deep. 2) That’s my name that is favorite for guy, and you seem really handsome. 3) which means you work with automobiles? That’s good because i’d like you to provide me personally a tune-up. 4) You’re lonely and I’m so glad you called because I became feeling pretty lonely too.

“I’d a lot of enjoyment on the weekend. I went with my girlfriends to the barbeque which our buddy Dave, from college, had been having. Most of us possessed a few beverages and viewed the fireworks. After which i obtained just a little crazy and began a pillow battle. It had been actually enjoyable and my buddy Rachel and I also began kissing. Have actually you ever viewed two hot girls kiss before? Exactly exactly just What did you try this week-end?”

“When had been the time that is last pretty woman told you which you have actually wonderful eyes?”

“Did you meet anybody interesting?”

Let me make it clear the things I seem like: “Well we have chin size reddish brown hair. We utilized to put on it longer but it kept getting into my eyes. I’m 5 feet 4 ins high and I also weigh 105 pounds. I’m a size 34 B, however it’s fine because I’m just 18. We have long legs and I’m in the track group therefore I can fast run really.”

The art of managing a discussion the creative art of evaluating Assertion

Exactly What To Not Ever ask

no individual concerns (will you be hitched, work, house life, calling from, whatever they seem like, age, big penis) unless they prompt you

make use of the lingo they normally use

hot girls will never be bored stiff.

what exactly are you doing? – viewing the intercourse tape I made night that is last listening to my roommate along with her boyfriend making love next door – painting my finger finger nails and viewing Girls Gone crazy and getting really horny. – trying with this brand new lingere set i got myself yesterday. Without a doubt just just what it appears to be like. – laying back at my bed, gently fingering myself under my garments. Let me make it clear just exactly what I’m using.

think two steps ahead role fan part personal detective component therapist

hot woman = 18 — 25

“Are you horny? Me personally too, I’m so happy we’ve one thing in accordance.”

1) I have actually a key to tell you– I’m not putting on underwear. 2) I’m so glad you called because I’ve been laying right here watching porn philippine dating site and I’m getting therefore horny. We have actuallyn’t had sex yet today and night that is last like forever ago. Whenever ended up being the time that is last fucked a hot woman? 3) The air conditioning equipment is on actually full of my apartment also it’s making my nipples hard. Would you like difficult nipples?

Redirect the conversation to one thing mundane, a thing that is practical. What sort of girls do you realy like? exactly just What turns you on?

If your caller attempts to offer you their telephone number, say “Oh, I’m so flattered but my daddy would kill me. But i’d like to provide you with my four digit personal number to help you call me personally later.”

Comprehensive statements (use the 5 sensory faculties)

Touch let me know just just what it feels as though Taste let me know just how it tastes Sight How does it look? Let me know that which you see. Hearing just exactly just What do you realy hear? Fragrance So what does it smell like?

1) Be really descriptive 2) Timing (pause whenever necessary) 3) Assertive & erotic vocals.

Techniques to make cash – request phone calls

hot films & flat price phone telephone phone calls 5 – 7 moments bonus dollars points above normal 120 hrs/month 3 pt = $150 120 hrs/month 2 pt = $100 60 hrs/month 3 pt = $75 60 hrs/month 2 pt = $50

performance price enhance (PRI) in the event that you maintain move average for the thirty days, you obtain 40 cents for every hour of work

1) Greeting 2) what exactly is your interest or fetish? 3) Go to your description (Think: where have always been we planning to just take him, which situation)

4) begin the situation (no talk) a) libido check (30 moments) b) speed yourself c) be detailed and descriptive d) ego swing & praise ag e) correct/admonish caller as he does something very wrong.

“Hello, this might be Queen Antonia. To who am we talking? What exactly is your interest or fetish?”

make them spank themselves

“Good kid. It pleases me personally once you follow my guidelines.” “It pleases me personally when you obey.”

“Are you ready to get a cross all fetishes?” a servant is taught to do just about anything.

“If I told you to place your brush when you look at the lavatory then put it to use, could you take action?” It would be done by a slave.

“You participate in me, don’t you?” “Tell me that you belong in my experience.”

“Are you touching that cock? You’d do not be pressing that cock– that cock belongs in my opinion. Place your arms with you.”

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