1. Steve

How will you maybe perhaps not love Steve? I favor his dorky accent, exactly just how he’s shorter than Miranda, their childlike hope he says “I’m a bartender, and I’m cute! ” Also, I am pretending that the SATC movies don’t exist (where he cheats on Miranda) by the method that he can make that 3 pointer at the Nicks game, and the way.

2. Harry

We actually love Harry just as much as Steve, give consideration to them tied up for very very first spot. He could be additionally this type of slam dunk following the catastrophe which was Trey along with his penis. Prissy ass Charlotte would have to be grounded with a ugly sweet man such as Harry Goldenblatt. A guy so beautiful, any girl would cheerfully transform to Judaism for him.

3. Aidan

Aidan may be the total package, he really really really loves dogs my site, has a weird small boho-chic fashion feeling, he makes their own furniture, and he’s well over 6 ft. Just issue is, he for some good reason wants to set up with Carrie’s tantrums and bullshit again and again. He could be # 3 because among countless other incidents, he permitted Big to come calmly to their cabin that is hand-built on and Carrie’s week-end getaway. Merely a weenie that is complete be fine using this.

4. Smith Jerrod

Smith is adorable, additionally the mix that is perfect of Sam’s bitch but additionally maybe maybe perhaps not being truly a weenie (see Aidan). Smith is the many appealing of all of the SATC boyfriends, but he could be additionally special because he weasels his way into Sam’s cool dead heart, and that matters for something.

5. Richard

Possibly my many choice that is controversial but hear me down. Richard can be a huge dick (wink wink) nonetheless it had been enjoyable to see Sam getting together with the male form of by herself. And much more importantly, Richard offered Sam the piece of modest cake she deserved. Everyone knows he sucks because he’s misogynistic under/overtones however it ended up being fucking hilarious when he kicked that 21 yr old from their threesome for calling him daddy.


1. Aleksandr

Ew ew ew. We shall never ever appreciate this character. Not merely had been their face/accent/voice af that is annoying but his character ended up being this kind of self included prick. Worsened by the known proven fact that Carrie is really so embroiled in his, what? Wrinkles? I hate this whole season due to him and their incredibly depressing Parisian relationship.

2. Skipper

I know Skipper is an excellent man but he’s therefore clingy and annoying and We also hate their intercourse scenes with Miranda significantly more than any such thing.

3. Berger

Oh my god Berger is such a cranky brat that is little. He’s got no design or panache, and gets butthurt therefore effortlessly. The scrunchy scene is the most cringe-worthy of them all, 2nd and then The Note (the separation one he departs Carrie). It had been hilarious as he told Carrie her small cap had been stupid though (it had been).

4. Big

I’m not a fan that is big although We don’t hate him. He’s problematic as a person for me because while I do actually think he’s the perfect match for Carrie, I don’t like him. He’s conceited, he’s a liar, and he’s unreliable. He dyes their hair, won’t expose their age, and goes by fucking “Big. ” The greatest term to spell it out him for me is “smarmy” not even completely certain what it indicates nonetheless it appears accurate. Insert snake emojis.


1. Steve

Steve Brady is without a doubt my favorite SATC boyfriend. The episode where he fulfills Miranda and provides her a free of charge cup of wine, to be able to persuade her to speak with him had been sufficient in my situation to rank him at numero uno. Steve had been constantly really sweet in a quirky and childish way, some people might think about childishness as a poor, but whatever i do believe its adorable so leave me personally alone.

2. Smith Jerrod

Smith Jerrod, previously Jerry Jerrod, began as you of Samantha’s enthusiast males and blossomed right into a sweet and partner that is caring Samantha. He constantly stuck by Samantha even though she did stupid shit like rest with Richard. Smith also pulled her out of her anti-relationship philosophy, the episode as he informed her “just fucking hold my hand” had me screaming “HOLD HIS HAND SAMANTHA! ” during the television. The only thing we didn’t like about Smith ended up being that the smoothness ended up being therefore perfect it absolutely was unrelatable, have always been I fuckin or what?

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