Ubmit A problem. Presented complaints. Latest News. Groups

Ubmit A problem. Presented complaints. Latest News. Groups

22 Mai Ubmit A problem. Submitted complaints. Latest News. Groups

A Sallie is had by me personally Mae education loan that i’m having to pay 90 days later on. I will be getting 6 robocalls/day from Navient additionally though We asked them to eliminate calling. This morning they called through the volume due to the caller id obstructed.

Problem filed by: Lisa

I am called 2-8 times weekly about student loan forgiveness and have expected you will need to just take down their list. We now have no figuratively talking. The caller hangs up but we keep getting calls and possess few voicemails. We wish become covered the constant harassment.

Issue filed by: Bill

I’ll be 71 and graduated from college, monetary responsibility free, in 1970. We obtained a robocall from Navient today which directed myself to enter my SSN or Navient account number to enable you to ‘properly direct my call’. We kept striking zero until we acquired a ‘loan agent’ having a strangely international accent. Asia? Pakistan? Nepal? We explained which he wound up being violating Indiana’s ‘Fo maybe not Phone’ legislation and asked for his or her supervisor. After 6 moments (we took place to be enjoyed and nothing that is driving to accomplish) we hung up. Seeking a SSN to identify an account that is free alleges you’ve got making use of them screams fraudulence. Tomorrow I am going to file an AG grievance.

Issue filed by: Jessica

Hello, we have needed Navient to cease robocalling they claim these are typicallyn’t but I receive 6+ calls each day. Wish to talk about how to resolve. Thank you, Jessica

Grievance filed by: Robert

They call daily. I MUST SAY I DO HAVEN’T ANY learning student EDUCATION LOANS.

Issue filed by: Chris

I actually do n’t have pupil training loans. I’ve never ever sent applications for figuratively talking. I’ve been called by Navient seven times merely now. This has to finish.

Issue filed by: Ronald

We don’t have been in possession of or haven’t ever endured a loan that is educatonal have a recording this is certainly just about every day Navient

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