Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry

Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry

I am a white guy marrying a Vietnamese woman (from Vietnam) so maybe I’m able to provide a little bit of assistance in regards to the wedding precious jewelry procedure.

Quick solution: Yes, you will be correct. Moms and dads wedding that is present to your fiance.

Long response: During the betrothal (tea) ceremony, which normally takes spot a couple weeks to a couple months prior to the real wedding, the groom’s parents typically presents the bride with wedding precious jewelry. The jewelry was usually high-karat (at least 20 karat) yellow gold, and consisted of a thick necklace, drop earrings, and some sort of bangle or bracelet in the past. In our contemporary world, it is often the exact exact same necklace that is thick bracelet, however the earrings are diamond (or maybe more likely fake diamond) earrings rather than just ordinary silver, and also the string might have a pendant also.

This is basically the customized. But it doesn’t suggest you need to abide by it towards the T. i might state that, then they’re not going to budge on the presenting of gifts during the tea ceremony if the parents are fairly conservative (are they living in Vietnam or Vietnamese Americans. But most present day moms and dads are not planning to require purchasing those precise things that we in the above list.

For instance, in my own situation, my fiancee and it was discussed by me along with her moms and dads. My fiancee hates gold that is yellow it seems terrible on the epidermis) so all of us agreed that platnium will be a large waste of income on her behalf to wear just for one day. Continue reading Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry